Before you submit your idea/solution, please read the brief below and view the gaps and Challenges that currently exist.

The contribution of the Agricultural sector to Kenya’s growth cannot be understated. The sector contributes about 25% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 75% of raw materials used in industries.  It further accounts for 65% of Kenya’s total exports, employing 60% of the populace- 18% formally and 42% informally.

The agriculture sector continues to be a fundamental pillar for sustainable development and transforming the economy and maximize the benefits of accelerated growth.

In order to realize set goals the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries (MoALF) developed it’s Strategic Plan (2013 -2017) which was based on the Kenya Vision 2030, MTP II, Jubilee Manifesto, the Constitution, and Agriculture sector policies which aim to realize an innovative, commercially oriented and modern agricultural sector.

In order to achieve these changes farmers will have to adopt climate smart agricultural technologies while efforts will have to be put in place to increase involvement of the youth and PWDs in income generating ventures in the crops, livestock and fisheries sub sectors.

This sector based ENNOVA Ideation & Challenge aims to directly address the 2nd of the 17 proposed United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is to;

  • End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

All the while incorporating other related SDGs.

The planned ENNOVA Ideation & Challenge on Agriculture will bring players from the Central Government, MoALF sub-sectors, Parastatals, Technological organization, Institutions of Higher learning, Lobby & Policy groups, NGOs, CSOs and select members of the public.

The areas to be addressed in the challenge were crowd sourced from the past Statehouse Summit on agricultural and sectoral needs listed in the Strategic Plan for Improving Agriculture and Rural Statistics (SPARS) 2015-2022.

To be part of this innovative initiative you are invited to submit a solution that addresses technological or/and policy challenges to bolster improvements in this key sector.

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